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Perfect for those unexpected guests, or when you wish to add a little luxury to your next camping trip, Outdoor Buys range of Bestway air beds are a must have item.

Our air bed range is available in single or queen sizes, with prices to suit all budgets.

All of our air beds are built tough, with heavy-duty vinyl and sturdy coil-beam construction offering strength and comfort. Our entire air bed range will save you time and effort with built-in pumps or free electric hand pumps that will have your air bed ready to use in mere minutes. With a quality air bed from Bestway, you’ll never have to rough it ever again! Read More...

Do you need an extra bed in your home, but you’re a little tight on space? Perhaps you’re going camping but you want that little bit of luxury when it comes to sleeping? If so, Inflatique’s range of Bestway air beds are an affordable and convenient option.

High Quality Air Beds

When it comes to choosing the perfect air mattress for you, there are four things that you’ll need to take into consideration:

    1. Size: A blow up mattress can come in basic sizes and they are twin, full, queen and king. The difference between each inflatable mattress will obviously be the dimensions and which option you choose will depend on how much space you have and how many people will be sleeping on it.

      Choosing the best air mattress is easy here at Inflatique as we have a wide selection of blow up beds available in both single and queen sizes, with prices to suit all budgets.

  1. Height: Once you’ve decided whether you need to buy a queen size air mattress or a single air bed, you’ll have to consider what height of blow up bed you’ll need. Generally speaking, the thicker an inflatable bed is, the more comfortable it will be as it means that there’s more air between the person sleeping and the floor.

    Again, the selection of airbeds that we offer at Inflatique is varied so no matter what height of bed you think you’ll need, we’ve got something to suit.

  2. Features: You ultimately want an inflatable air mattress that will be comfortable to sleep on and one that’s easy to inflate and deflate. It’s the features that will dictate both of these elements.

    All of our air beds are built to last, with heavyweight vinyl and robust coil-beam construction offering both durability and comfort. Coming with a built-in pump or a free electric hand pump, our complete collection of airbeds is designed to save you effort and time.

  3. Use: What you plan on using your new Queen Air Mattress, Double Airbed or King Size Air Mattress for will dictate which model you choose.

    If you’re looking for somewhere comfy to put guests at night, you’ll need to buy a good quality air bed mattress but it won’t need it to be light and compact. If on the other hand, you plan on taking your new euro bed on camping trips, you’ll need something that is portable, compact and lightweight.

There are many reasons to buy an inflatable bed or dream air beds and Inflatique is proud to offer some of the best quality air mattresses in Australia today. Offering affordable prices, fast delivery and safe and secure online shopping, there is no better place to buy an inflatable bed.

OutdoorBuys is proud to announce the best air mattress Australia has ever seen. Whether you're camping or just need to accommodate extra guests in an emergency, an inflatable bed is just the thing you need.

The name says it all with the Bestway range, because no matter which design you choose, you will know you are getting the best inflatable mattress in Australia in its class.

Bestway Dreamair Premium

The very best of the best when it comes to Bestway products, however, are the deluxe Bestway Dreamair Premium air beds. Available in both single and queen sizes, the luxury inflatable air mattress has a generously upholstered upper surface and coil beam construction with comfort rib design to provide outstanding support and comfort.

The mattress comes with a built in electric air pump, and can be connected to an external air pump when electric power is not available, so it's not just super comfortable but super convenient as well.

Bestway Restaira

If your budget is a bit lower or you want a mattress that doesn't put you as high off the floor as the Dreamair Premium, the Bestway Restaira is a decent second choice. This one also has a built-in pump and can inflate in just four minutes. As with the Dreamair Premium, you can also connect an external pump, so this is a mattress you can take anywhere and it's strong heavy-duty vinyl construction ensures it won't let you down.

One of the interesting features of the Bestway Restaira is that it includes a built-in pillow, so you don't even need to take a pillow with you if you're going camping with it.

Bestway Aerolax

Challenged to create a low profile comfortable air mattress for Australia, the Bestway Aerolax was the answer. Rising to a height of just 30cm from the floor, the Aerolax is amazingly comfortable, and like the Restaira it comes with a built-in pillow, so it's a good one for camping, especially if you have a tent with a low ceiling.

The built-in air pump can inflate the bed completely in just three minutes, and as with any Bestway inflatable mattress, you can also connect it to an external air pump if you need to.

Bestway Easy Inflate

Need something super cheap or already have your own electric air pump? The Bestway Easy Inflate is the lowest cost high quality inflatable mattress in Australia, with a built-in foot pump. Even though it's cheap, it doesn't skimp on quality, and you will have a comfortable night's rest on this durable air mattress that can go anywhere with you.

Buy online now from OutdoorBuys

All these Bestway products are available from OutdoorBuys, where you get the best deals on outdoor products and inflatables every day. Buy today and take advantage of our great shipping policy and 12-month warranty, with 14-day "change of mind" policy for extra assurance of your satisfaction.

You can contact us today for more information on any of our products. We have a vast selection of air chairs, Inflatable Loungers & Stand-Up Paddle Boards.

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