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The world's most advanced inflatable stand up paddle boards are here. Stiffer, stronger and easier to inflate, Aqua Marina's inflatable stand up paddle boards provide the glide you need for flat water cruising and stability for catching waves. Each iSUP comes complete with paddle, air pump, backpack, fins and some even with their own kayak seat all at a very affordable rate. With sizes from 300cm all the way up to a monster 427cm, there are iSUPs to suit the beginner or recreational paddler right through to professional and racing riders. Whether it's on the river, lake or at the beach, forget about the transporting issues of regular stand up paddle boards. Simply carry in your backpack, inflate and away you go!


Buying a cheap stand up paddle board does not always mean that you’ll have to settle for interior quality. In fact, Aqua Marina's inflatable stand up paddle boards mean quite the opposite.

Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards

Aqua Marina's inflatable paddle boards might be a cheap option, but they are built to the very same high standards that the more expensive inflatable boards on the market are.

Made with PVC to ensure durability, and a specialised method of drop stitch construction, these stand up paddle boards are the new wave of advanced SUP boards.

Once pumped up to the recommended air pressure, these inflatable stand up paddle boards feel just as firm as a standard board. What this means is that your board will move and float much better in the water, in comparison to what a ‘soft’ inflatable SUP board would. The benefits of this for you, the user, is huge.

You’ll be able to get the glide you need for flat water cruising and you’ll get the stability you need to catch waves.

The Best Stand Up Paddle Board in Australia

Aqua Marina's range of inflatable boards has been referred to as the best stand up paddle board for sale in Australia today. Not only is the price extremely affordable, but considering the quality of the boards and the freedom that they allow in terms of movement, these are a clear winner for many SUP fans.

To ensure ease of getting around and all round convenience, each board comes with an air pump, paddle, a backpack and some fins too.

Having a board that’s this portable means that you can take it with you on public transport, to the office or even on your bike, if that’s how you plan to get to your paddling destination.

Here at Outdoor Buys, we’re delighted to offer these stand up paddle boards for sale in our online store. With sizes available from 300cm all the way up to a monster 427cm, we’ve got something to suit all paddlers, from beginners right up to professional and racing riders.

We do have a stand up paddle board sale where we offer these premium boards for less than other suppliers in Australia so if you’re looking for the cheapest price around, it’s likely that you’ll find it here at Inflatique.

You cannot deny that Aqua Marina's range of SUP boards offer exceptional value for money, and with the many other benefits such as portability and performance, it’s no surprise that these boards are becoming hugely popular with riders in Australia.

Contact Us Today for More Info

If you’ve any questions about this range of cheap inflatable stand up paddle boards, be sure to hit us up today as we’d be happy to answer them for you.

Get on the Water With Our Stand Up Paddle Boards

Getting around on the water has never been so much fun. Now you can buy an inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) from Outdoor Buys. Let me tell you why these inflatable sup boards are so cool.

The first thing to know is inflatable paddle boards are more awesome than regular paddle boards because they just pack away flat when they're not in use. They're super light and easy to carry around.

Contrary to what you may expect, an inflatable paddle board is a sturdy platform, because it is designed to be operated while you are standing on it. That means it is built to be strong and to provide you with a safe platform to balance on.

That's not to say that some skill isn't required, but you'll get to grips with the basics really fast. Just as with surfing, you'll need to learn to balance, and there are certain techniques that make this easier, but paddling around on an inflatable sup is certainly a lot easier than surfing.

At Outdoor Buys we're stocking the best inflatable stand paddle board money can buy. Customers love our great quality Australian stand up paddle boards, and nobody can beat us on stand up paddle board prices.

Browse our website and see for yourself. You'll find a great range of sup boards for sale, and of course every single sup for sale that we have is covered by the same great shipping and returns policies that we always offer on all our products.

Bottom line is, if you're not completely happy with your stand up paddle board, you can send it back to us for a refund or replacement. We know already you're not going to do that, however, because as we said, you won't find a better inflatable stand up paddle board in Australia.

Stand up paddle boards provide a convenient means of getting around, and while they may seem very innovative, they're actually based on ancient rafts that have been used in the Pacific since almost the dawn of civilization.

Standing allows you to see further, and puts you in a more natural posture for paddling. This provides you with good exercise too, because you're not just getting a physical work out, but learning to balance better at the same time.

Using a stand up paddle board is fun and practical. Taking the board out with you to the beach, river, or lake couldn't be easier. Where conventional boards are heavy and need to be specially strapped to the roof of your car or even towed in a trailer, your inflatable sub can simply be deflated when not in use, which means it can be carried inside the car.

When you arrive at the site, simply reinflate the sup, and you're good to go. Get your inflatable sup today from Outdoor Buys and see what you've been missing.

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