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These huge inflatable islands are perfect for friends and family to chill out on during our long, hot summer. Perfect to take camping on the river or to relax on at the beach, our inflatable islands are heavy duty and everything from comfortable seats, cup holders, drink coolers and even a shade canopy. These inflatable islands can seat anywhere from 4 to 8 people and also include features such as grip handles and boarding platforms for an easy transition between water and island.

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In the late 1970s, Richard Branson shocked the world with his audacity in offering only $100,000 to buy Necker Island, then valued at $6 million, from its owner, John Lyttleton.

Of course, this ridiculous offer was turned down, but less than a year later he was offered the island for just $180,000. Lyttleton, it seems, had fallen on hard times.

Getting a bargain like that is not easy, but some fantastic news we have for you is that you can always depend on great bargain deals for inflatable islands from Outdoor Buys.

Choose From 1 of 6 Inflatable Islands

Owning your own island has never been so easy, and we've got six wonderful islands to choose from. We're not stopping there either. We hope to be able to offer even more islands in the future. It's not any less of an island just because it's an inflatable island.

More than just a decorative pool toy, an inflatable floating island has all kinds of useful purposes. As with any kind of island, you can occupy it, but you can also put things on it, so you can ferry those items about the pool.

Consider, for example, the undisputed king of inflatable island rafts, the Bestway Rapid Rider X4. This luxurious floating island provides seating for four, as well as having a cup holder for each passenger. You could also use the seating cavities for storing more drinks or other items, however.

It's a comfortable and fun way to laze around in the pool, while avoiding the dangers associated with dehydration. Thanks to inflatable islands, it's no longer necessary to leave the pool and go all the way to shore to get a drink. Now you can take your drinks with you. It's just one more miracle modern technology has brought into our lives.

We've got other choices for you, but the terrific value of the Bestway Rapid Rider 4X makes it a very impressive item. It's made from Inflata-Shield puncture-resistant vinyl, has four built in cup holders, two removable cooler bags, contoured back rests, and a grab robe around the base.

Our best selling inflatable island is the Bestway Tropical Breeze Inflatable Island Raft. Seating up to 6 people with removable sunshade, removable cooler bag, six cup holders, puncture resistant vinyl and heavy duty handles. It is the ultimate inflatable island for your summer.

While it's main purpose is as a professional piece of diving equipment, you can use it any way you want. The durable heavy-duty vinyl construction is given extra protection due to UV blocking technology.

Those are just two examples of the excellent inflatable islands available from Outdoor Buys. Browse our entire range and see for yourself why your pool will be better off with one of these inflatable floating islands gracing its surface.

If you need more info on any of our products, be it the Bestway Tropical Breeze Inflatable Island Raft, the Swimline Baby Dinosaur Inflatable Pool Ride On, our Inflatable Pools or Stand Up Paddle Boards just get in touch with us today!

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