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Giant Inflatable Swan - Silver

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Our exciting range of floats and loungers make it easy to chill out on the water this summer. Offering everything from the popular giant inflatable flamingo and swans, to comfortable loungers, luxurious islands, tubes, children's floats and boats. Many come complete with back rests, cup holders, even drink coolers to ensure the utmost comfort, whether it's in the pool, the beach, river or lake! Read More...

Are you looking for an inflatable float or lounger? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Inflatique offers one of the best selections of floats and loungers in Australia, and we offer them at the best prices possible.

The range of products that we offer is varied and we only stock items from trusted brands to ensure that the quality of what we sell is never compromised. With names such as Bestway, Inflatique, Swimline and Aqua Marina in the mix, you know that you’ll be getting quality products that will last when you shop with us.

A Wide Selection of Floats & Loungers

We offer all of the following, at affordable prices:

  • Inflatable Swan
  • Inflatable Raft
  • Inflatable Flamingo
  • Inflatable Fishing Boat
  • Inflatable Tube
  • Inflatable Lounge
  • Inflatable Baby Seat
  • Inflatable Pool House
  • Inflatable Air Mat
  • Inflatable Island Platform
  • Inflatable Island Tube

Our exciting selection of loungers and floats make chilling on the water easy and fun. Available in an extensive range of different styles and colours – whether you’re looking for a giant inflatable swan or an inflatable double tube – all of the products that we sell are made with heavy-duty materials and are built to last. They’re also super easy to inflate and deflate and storing them away will be a breeze.

Luxury Floats and Loungers

Many of our more luxurious loungers and floats, including the inflatable luxury tube, comes with added extras such as backrests, drink holders; heavy duty handles, drink coolers and mesh bottoms.

Float and Loungers Uses

Whether you’re looking for an inflatable island raft for your upcoming fishing trip or an

inflatable pool lounger for lazy pool days, it’s likely that the product you choose will have more uses than you think.

Most floats and inflatable loungers can be use for all of the following:

  • A day at the pool/beach
  • Fishing trips
  • Camping by the lake

Given the range of inflatables that we offer, you’ll have no problem finding a style, size and colour that you like. In addition to single lilos, we also offer dual loungers and inflatable islands, both of which make hanging out with your favourite person(s) easy when on the water.

Why choose Inflatique?

We’re one of the most trusted names in the business, and our promise to deliver quality products at the most affordable prices is something that we’re dedicated to.

Fast delivery is guaranteed and we offer free shipping on all orders under 1kg. Shipping prices for all other package weights are varied, but we do strive to keep them as low as possible.

You can shop online safely and securely with us. Continue to browse our floats and lounges, which are conveniently categorised for you.

The Inflatable Swan

Mankind has always admired the beauty and grace of the swan. We've written fairy tales, ballets, and even operas paying homage to swans, and they're a staple of European mythology.

Given that people have so much respect and admiration for swans, it wouldn't surprise us one bit to discover that you've always dreamed of having a flock of inflatable swans to decorate your pool with, and thanks to Outdoor Buys this dream is now possible.

You need a giant inflatable swan. This truth is so self-evident it hardly needs to be said. You certainly wouldn't want to be the only person in your neighbourhood who doesn't have an inflatable swan, would you?

Our advice, then, is to order your inflatable pool swan today. It could well be that this swan will fill the aching void in your soul. We can't be certain of that, but what we can be certain of is that your pool will be a more fun place with an inflatable swan in it.

Things you can do with an inflatable swan:

  • Float around in the pool with it
  • Use it to transport things across your pool like a ferry
  • Fool hunters
  • Pose for photos
  • And much more!

Life is so much better and brighter with an inflatable swan that you'll be amazed you waited until now to get one. In fact, why stop at one?

Whereas it is fun to own one of these giant inflatable swans, it's also fantastic to give them as gifts to other people. Can't think what to give somebody for Christmas? An inflatable swan is your answer. Even people who already have inflatable swans will always be delighted to get more. It's one of those scenarios where everybody wins.

The list of famous people who probably owned an inflatable swan at one time or another would fill volumes. Of course, none of these celebrities has actually gone on the record as an inflatable swan owner, but considering how fantastic inflatable swans are, it's difficult to imagine them not having at least one.

Made from heavy duty vinyl, filled with air, and being a wonderful silvery colour, our inflatable swans are even more magnificent to behold than any you will find in nature. Of course, some would say that natural swans have the advantage of flight, but if you fill your inflatable swan with helium instead of air, it can overcome even this apparent handicap (tether your swan first, of course).

Don't spend another moment of your life without an inflatable swan in it. There's simply no need to put off inflatable swan ownership when you can get yours as easily as ordering online from Outdoor Buys. There are swans here just waiting to be in your pool, and all it takes to make this dream a reality is a simple online purchase.

If you need more info on any of our products, be it the Bestway Tropical Breeze Inflatable Island Raft, the Swimline Baby Dinosaur Inflatable Pool Ride On, our Inflatable Pools or Stand Up Paddle Boards just get in touch with us today!

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